What are Current Fashion Trends Regarding Animal Prints?

by Natalie Rebecca Hechtman
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What are Current Fashion Trends Regarding Animal Prints?

You may have noticed the fashion trend that retailers, online fashion stores and fashionistas are embracing. One of the hottest trends in fashion right now is animal prints. Grace O’Neill’s article in Harpers Bazaar titled, “The Single Trend that has Completely Dominated Fashion Month,” explores tiger and animal print trends. The core of fashion is that styles become popular before eventually dying out and then they come back. The same can be said of animal prints, as a current fashion trend. 


New fashion for women: Animal prints

It first began on the runways and now, it is popular all over, which for the majority of people, is a fabulous thing! There is an obsession with fashionable animal prints to the point that some even come in a variety of floral and retro patterns. Some people even wear them to work and as a result, those normally dull environments are becoming colourful. Yay! for fashion, brightening up our workplaces!

Animal prints are a great choice for people who want to make a fashion statement or as Elle magazine reported, be forever chic. Regardless of the occasion or place, animal prints are definitely more interesting than the classic patterned attires that have trended in the past few years.


Latest fashion news: from leopard spots to tiger stripes

The versatility presented by animal prints is one thing that makes them popular. With all the spots and stripes and with different colours in the background, the designs remain neutral, which means they can be worn with almost anything and everywhere. Also, if you do not like the prints or spots of one animal, there are other designs to choose from. If leopard spots or cheetah stripes are not your thing, there are other animal prints designs that will possibly better suit you, like tiger or zebra stripes and giraffe or snake prints. There are plenty of creative designs that give us a lot to choose from.

What’s even better is that when we talk about animal prints in fashion, we’re not talking about actual animal skins and hides. These are fabrics that have been printed, embroidered or painted in such a way that they look like the textures and patterns seen on animal skins and furs. In fact, fashion designers like Australian designer, Wayne Cooper reported to PETA that they don’t use actual fur in their clothes.


Fashionable Animal Print Dresses

Printed dresses are a large part of the 2019 fashion trends.  They are simply divine by providing not only comfort, but also the chance for us to make a statement. The incredible wrap dress for example, looks wonderful when worn with a pair of heels, whether it is for office or party wear.


Halpern Draped Sequinned Satin Mini Dress

This style, inspired by American model, Nan Kempner, includes bold zebra patterns, draped on the front side for the purpose of offsetting the short hem. For those looking for a hem that is a bit longer, the midi style which was designed by Halpern, will do just fine. It comes as a black and silver sequinned satin that has a zip fastening in the back and a 100% silk lining made in the United Kingdom.


Leopard Prints

Of all the fashionable animal prints, leopard spots seem to be the most popular.  Australian brand Carolina, has a number of fabulous animal print tops in the latest collection. It seems that this fashion trend will surely continue for the whole year and beyond. Given the versatility of leopard fashion prints from skimpy dresses to rock and roll jeans, one can only expect that the best has yet to come. And if that’s the case, it’s hard to resist that classic leopard print.


Animal Print Pants

Rocking animal print pants can make you a fashion icon. As a fashion trend for women, animal print pants are versatile, allowing you to dress up or even down. You will look super sexy with a leopard print pant no matter what the occasion. The snake, tiger and zebra prints will also give you an amazing look. The best thing about it is that with a cute top and heels, you will definitely turn your day around. These bold fashion prints are fashion trends that are here to stay. They may disappear for a while, but like all other fashion trends, they will surely come back with a boom if that’s the case. The fashion industry seems to really love them both for their elegance and versatility.


Animal Print Tops

A stylish satin blouse can be worn with a pencil skirt and heels whether you are going to a formal or informal occasion. You will look amazing when you wear the padded ruche twist tankini paired with jeans and flat shoes. These animal print tops are sure to be head turners.


Long Sleeved Chiffon, trending in fashion

An elegant and easy-going silk chiffon blouse can be worn for an official as well as informal event. You will definitely be the centre of attention, as people will admire your forward thinking fashion sense. Imagine a long-sleeved chiffon with a collared neckline and side slits that perfectly balance the structure as well as flow of the blouse. This style of top is available in multiple colours and can be worn with a skirt or pair of jeans. If you want to further elevate this look, pair your blouse with a fabulous necklace.


The fashionable animal prints craze is everywhere. It is no doubt being adapted in different parts of the world. Australia, for example, has a substantial number of women of all ages embracing this fashion trend. With animal prints, you cannot go wrong because you are getting something that meets your current needs, gives you comfort and amazing versatility, and allows you to wear them both in formal and informal settings.

by Natalie Rebecca Hechtman


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