About Us

Beverley is the creator of Look at Mee and she has a huge passion for fashion and a flare for style.  Being the original shy, quiet girl that eventually grew in confidence because she decided to changed the way she looked and what she wore.

There any many high street stores and online shops that cater for women in their teens and twenties but for women age 35+ or women with that fuller figure, who is seeking chic, stylish and quality plus size clothes, the woman with curves who wants sizes bigger than a 8 or 10,  there seems to be far less options. That is why Look At Mee stocks plus size clothes for today’s woman, Voluptuous Fashionistas!

Here at Look at Mee we are about dressing and styling the woman that wants to not only feel good but feel “Magic” about herself.  To be able to ooze with confidence in whatever she wears.  Have quality, affordable plus size clothing hanging in your wardrobe that you can’t wait to go view, admire and wear each day.  Your wardrobe makes you smile, LOVE YOUR WARDROBE!!

Some of the main concerns curvaceous ladies have is finding plus size tops to cover round tummies or round arms that are quality, stylish and fashionable.  Plus size dresses that flatter curvy hips or bigger busts that compliment and are chic.  We are dedicated to assisting our voluptuous fashionistas embrace who they are and feel good about themselves.  Giving options of plus size clothes that feel and look great, compliment your bodyshape and are unique in style.

No matter who you are, what you wear is how you feel and we want you to Look Good, Feel Amazing, Love Yourself!