Privacy Policy

Getting to know our Privacy Policy

At Look at Mee Pty Ltd we respect your right to know how we handle personal information. So to make things clear, here are the ins and outs of our Privacy Policy. 

WHY do we collect personal information?

We need to collect and use personal information in order to run our business – to do things such as:      

  • fulfil orders,
  • manage customer relationships,
  • deal with inquiries and feedback and
  • promote and market our company and products.

WHAT kinds of personal information do we collect?

  • We collect personal information about our customers,
  • We collect your names and contact details, and collect records of your transactions with us

Let’s be DIRECT about direct marketing

We know this is the one people worry about.  

We will only send direct marketing communications to people if we have their consent, or the law otherwise permits. We may use any personal information we have collected about a person to tailor those communications to reflect his/her needs and interests.   

We will always provide a simple way to opt out of any direct marketing from us.

HOW do we protect personal information?

We know how important it is to keep personal information secure, so we have a range of processes in place, including:

  • using secure servers and other appropriate measures to protect electronic data.
  • ensuring any online credit card payments are made through a secure gateway service.

And when information isn’t needed anymore, we’ll make sure it gets destroyed, deleted or de-identified.

HOW can I get in touch about my information?

If we hold information about you, you have rights to access that information and/or ask us to correct it if it’s wrong. All you need to do is contact us at